By controlling your breathing rhythm and aligning your body

                                                           Plus Anti-ageing Nutrition Advice

Natura Respira UK - Miriam Marcet in a Workshop

Christmas can be a stressful time, all the shopping, family, food, children, presents… get ready to face it and give you some breathing space this Christmas!

Breathing is a natural process, yet * 92%  of the population don’t do it properly.  As a result, we don’t feed our cells with the oxygen they need to work to their full potential. Learning to breathe properly, aligning your body plus keeping the right Alkaline/Acid balanced diet can unlock that for YOU!!

*medically proven.

Through patented and proven techniques your breathing and your body alignment will dramatically improve helping you to have a better physical and emotional health. Results are medically proven.

Michelle Macdonald, Our UK Collaborator in Cellular Medicine will give us some tips on Nutrition for healthy and Oxygenated Cells to help your body cope with Christmas Excesses

Come and try the Natura Respira® System 

and discover a healthier way to cope with the upcoming festivities.


  • Stress 
  • Anxiety 
  • Muscular Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Issues
  • Weight Problems

This is a two days Workshop

Workshop Leader:

Miriam Marcet – Personal Coach for breathing and body alignment. Co-Founder of Natura Respira® and Head of UK Branch .

Michelle Macdonald – Collaborator of Natura Respira ® UK.  UK-registered homeopath and expert in cellular medicine and micro-nutrients.

Where: Diorama Arts Studio – 201 Drummond Street, London NW1.

When: Saturday 14th December ( 10am to 2pm )  and Saturday 4th January ( 10am to 2pm)

What to wear: Comfortable clothes that allow movement.

What to bring: A mat, a pair of shocks, a note-book and a pen.

Investment: £120

*Concessions: £80 ( Students and unemployed )

More information:  For more information about what to expect from the workshop and the benefits of our technique call us at 07442317600, E- mail us at  or visit our website

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Diorama Arts Studio

Diorama Arts Studio