By controlling your breathing rhythm and aligning your body

From anxiety to peace of mi

Pop in and try the Natura Respira® System

and discover a healthier way to cope with daily life’s stress

Breathing is a natural process, yet *92%  of the population don’t do it properly. As a result, we don’t feed our body cells with the oxygen they need to work to their full potential. Learning to breathe properly can unlock that potential. Results are medically proven.

The Natura Respira System can help people deal with:

  • Muscular pain
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Nicotine addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Ageing
  • Creative blocks and lack of assertiveness
  • Stage fright
  • Improving leadership skill


No need to book in advance just Show Up!

Saturday 11th January ( 12am to 2pm)
Diorama Studios. 201 Drummond Street, London NW1.
Cost: 20 pounds


This introductory workshop will outline the features and benefits of the Natura Respira® System, new to the UK but established and accredited in Spain.

The Natura Respira® System is a process of re-education; awakening the body to its natural mechanisms suppressed under the pressures of modern life.

The Natura Respira® System exercises align heartbeat with the breathing rhythm, so the heart, lungs and mind are in harmony.  This process allows more oxygen to reach body cells and helps the body work to its full potential.  Triggering the ‘parasympathetic system’ responsible for stress relief, this exercises improve body alignment and through indirect counselling this new System helps to create new and healthier behavior patterns.

Medicine Novel Price, Otto Warburg (1931), discovered the direct relation between Cancer and lack oxygen in body cells.


The Natura Respira® System was developed by Maria Àngels Farreny i Bordallo and her daughter Miriam Marcet. Both Maria Àngels and Miriam are trained in a variety of techniques and, over years of practice and experience, developed their own.

M. Àngels (personal health Coach) has held workshops in Spain, France and Germany to encourage healthy living since 1996.  In 2009, she decided to focus on good breathing technique and, with her daughter Miriam (actress and coach for voice and body alignment) developed the Natura Respira® System, registered and patented in Spain (medically proven).

  • Discover a new quality of life
  • Enjoy newfound serenity
  • Increase concentration and Perseverance
  • Increase intuition and creativity
  • Improve your health dramatically


‘Instant results! Miriam is so sensitive and calming’ (S. Richard, Actor)

‘A genuinely transforming experience! Feeling like I owned my space through correct breathing and posture.’ ( H. Poulter )

“Miriam has a very sensitive and effective touch that easily resonates with the whole body system” ( D. Ridge. Retired )

‘Excellent and relaxing.  This method puts you at ease with yourself, calms your emotional turmoil and makes you feel more grounded.’ (E. Moravetz, Writer at

‘I learned so much about the importance of proper breathing for my health, the way of managing my life.’ (A. Calvo, nutritionist at As Nature Intended)

Miriam Marcet - Workshop in UK.