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*One-on-one session/  *one day workshop/ *two day workshop/ * weekly workshop

*One-on-one sessions

A One-on-One Session lasts between 60 and 80 minutes.

Designed to focus on YOU, to determine your individual situation and to develop a bespoke treatment plan that specifically meets your needs.

We guarantee that, if you do the exercises we prescribe to address any physical or emotional issues, those issues will improve significantly in the first 20 sessions.

At your first session we will explain how the Natura Respira® System works and answer any questions you may have. We will also ask you a few questions about your health, your nutrition and postural habits and your personal circumstances. Together we will define your aims and what you would like to gain from the sessions.

After this initial conversation, session one continues with us identifying your postural habits, your natural breathing  pattern and your cardiac rhythm. We will examine your posture from the feet up, identifying bad habits and proposing new ones to make your posture healthier and less prone to aches and pains. Next, we look at your breathing and identify exercises to help you to start practicing deep breathing and to align your breathing with your cardiac rhythm.

We conclude each session with five or ten minutes to discuss how it went and the progress you have made. And, to help you develop lifelong healthy habits, we examine how you can introduce what you have learned into your daily life.

Download our One-on-One Session Details and Price List HERE

*One day introductory workshop

Between 6 and 8 hours.

In this introductory course, we will begin by explaining the origins of the Natura Respira System, how it works and the medical support for it. We will also cover general nutrition and posture tips.

After demonstrating the System to you, we will start with specific and practical breathing, relaxation and muscle release exercises, to give you the tools to practice and develop better breathing for yourself. We will also teach you some exercises for your postural re-education.

With practice and development, these elements will combine to help improve your quality of life, with reduced stress and a more positive outlook to manage your daily routine. You will feel the effects of our System in a few minutes but, in order to create and change habits, you will need to practice for at least ten minutes each day.

Price: from £ 60 / workshop

*Two days Workshops

Between 6 and 8 hours each day.

The first day will be similar to the one day introductory workshop, although it will also include much more detail on how our body works and on breathing and alignment, with relaxation, muscle release and body control exercises held over until day two. Also in day two, we will work on specific situations to start to get an idea of how you can practically introduce the System into your daily life to create new patterns or habits.

Price: from £ 120 / workshop

*Weekly Group Sessions. Beginners

Two Hours a Week

This is a group workshop where we begin by finding out what our current breathing and posture habits are and how we have developed them. We look at what unnecessary tensions they are causing.

We will see how, through better breathing techniques and by controlling our heart and respiratory rhythms, we can influence our emotional state. These measures will remove or alleviate our unwanted tensions, improving our physical and emotional health.

Each day it will become easier to identify and correct these tensions. With different breathing techniques and the Natura Respira technique you will learn how to correct your posture, control your muscles and alleviate back pain, indigestion, anxiety, addictions, etc.

During the course we will have visits from other specialists in nutritional and medical fields who will share their own valuable advice to help you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Price: from £ 60 / month

*Weekly Group Sessions. Intermediate

Two hours a week.

At Intermediate Level, we will focus on the application of the System in your daily life. Our goal is to ensure that you lose old habits and develop new, healthy ones to improve your quality of life, increase your vitality and ability to react to problems and raise your body’s defence levels.

Price: from £ 60 / month

*Weekly Group Sessions. Advanced

Two hours a week.

At Advanced Level, once you have some experience of practicing the Natura Respira System, we will start to focus on the practical development of areas of your life. This will include researching specific areas and changing behavioural and physical patterns (the physical patterns include postural habits where we create muscular tensions). From this you will begin to see an improvement in your emotional and physical health. We also start learning to use the system to help our relationships with those people we are emotionally attached to.

Price: from £ 60 / month