What we do

At Natura Respira, we teach better breathing techniques to improve your quality of life, at home and at work.

Breathing is a natural process, yet most of us don’t do it properly. As a result, we don’t feed our body cells with the oxygen they need to work to their full potential. Learning to breathe properly can unlock that potential, improving the capacity of your body’s defences and increasing the vitality and agility of brain and body functions. In short, your body will start to work the way it was made to, with benefits including:


Listening ability
Ability to focus and concentrate
Creativity and intuition
Leadership Skills
Emotional and physical health
Digestive issues
Weight problems
Chronic fatigue
Risk of heart disease / stroke
Corporal tension
Muscular pain


Our system. Lidia

Our system. Lidia

Everyone can benefit from improving their breathing technique; we teach business leaders looking to increase clarity in their thinking, people with stress and anxiety problems, victims of bullying who want to recover their self-confidence, professionals keen to de-stress or increase communication and assertiveness skills, coaches who want to improve their listening skills, those recovering from eating disorders or quitting smoking, the list goes on. If you are not sure if better breathing could be good for you, let us take you through a taster session; we think you’ll notice the difference.


The work of Natura Respira in Spain has won critical acclaim in the press including the following:



More articles and videos are on the Spanish website.