We’d like to thank the people that have popped in during our first days in the UK.  It’s been a pleasure to meet you and share with you some of the Natura Respira ® System.

Natura Respira UK Taster Sessions

We have been delighted to be able to give so many nourishing and enriching sessions, and have been overwhelmed by the lovely feedback we have recieved over the past few busy days.  I am very happy and grateful to those we have seen so far, and would love to invite you to try out our System if you haven’t done so already.  We teach people with stress and anxiety problems, professionals keen to de-stress or increase communication and assertiveness skills, people with Chronic fatigue, business leaders looking to increase clarity in their thinking, the list goes on.

Some feedback from our Taster Sessions so far:

  • “Instant Results! Miriam is so sensitive and calming”
  • “It was an interesting introduction. I’ll feel a bit calmer through busy Westfield”
  • “The session was very relaxing and useful. Thank you!”
  • “The session is quite educative and I learned how to keep my breathing up naturally and why it is important”
  • “Genuinly transforming expererience. Feeling like I owned my space through correct breathing and posture”
  • “Very relaxing interesting session, definitely will be looking for more information”
  • “This method puts you at ease with yourself, calms your emotional turmoil and makes you feel more grounded”


If you are not sure it can help you, give us a try! Pop in for a free 20 minute taster session to see the difference that better breathing and posture techniques can make for you. We think you’ll be impressed!

Our next 20 min Free Trial session will be lead at As Nature Intended Store, Westfield Shopping Centre (Lower Ground Floor, close to Stratford International):

Next Saturday 14th Dec ( From 5pm to 9pm)
Next Sun 15th Dec ( from 3pm to 5:30pm )

Natura Respira UK Taster Sessions at As Nature Intended

Natura Respira UK Taster Sessions at As Nature Intended