Natura Respira was founded in 2011 by personal health coach Maria Angels Farreny Bordallo and voice and acting coach Miriam Marcet.

Maria Àngels has been holding workshops in Spain, France and Germany in several disciplines to encourage healthy living since 1996. In 2009 she decided to focus on promoting good breathing practice and, with her daughter Miriam, developed the Natura Respira method. The Natura Respira team has taught a variety of audiences – from business to healthcare to education – how a combination of good posture, nutrition and breathing practice can improve physical and emotional health.

In addition to clients learning for their own benefit, students can take certificate and degree courses in Spain, qualifying them to teach the Natura Respira method. These courses are recognised by the Catalan Department of Education with students earning nationally recognised credits for their achievements.

From October 2013 the Natura Respira method has been taught in the UK, with client seminars and one-on-one classes available in London. Discussions are in place to make the certificate and degree courses available too. UK students are welcome to take classes in Spain.

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