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I first met Miriam through a friend that was attending one of her breathing techniques classes. I was fighting an illness that got me bedridden and was looking for help to overcome that situation. Luckily, Miriam’s program and exercises have helped me not only to heal and leave bed, but also to face the process with serenity and a natural attitude. Currently I am recovered, and I am still under her program to continue to improve my health and achieve a higher live quality through breath.
Fernando Ferré, Co-Founder & Managing Director at eSnapping.com
I hired Natura Respira to conduct a breathing workshop for women with fibromyalgia disorders and bronchial asthma, with excellent results.
Irma Zapponi, President at Iasthai Association
Thanks to Miriam Marcet, I managed to recognise wrong patterns when walking, standing still and sitting. I had really strong pains in my legs, hips and back and, with her help, I have become able to fix the problem. Also, thanks to the breathing exercises, I have managed to calm my emotions.
Elio Colen, Writer

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